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Neuromuse at Taïwan

Taipei, 2003

Presentation of Neuromuse project at FNAC Forum, at Taïpeï (Taïwan),
the oct. 25th, 2003.

Neuromuse is a toolbox developped since 1999 to experiment various artificial neural network to generate rythmic patterns in real time (or not), using LISP, Pure Data, Max...
Presentation at Taïpeï

Tuning a neural network with a theremin (temperature and transfert function)
Artificial neural networks generating rythmic patterns in real time with a theremin, National Taïwan University, oct. 24 2003.
Fred Voisin

Rehearsal at National Taïwan University
real time control of a recurrent neural network in LISP, National Taiwan University, Oct. 24 2003.
Fred Voisin

Thank’s to :
Institut Francais à Taïwan
National Taïwan University
Taïwan National Council of Science

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