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A new solar system ?

solar benchmarks

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Benchmark of an embeded computer with ARM CPU using solar power...

calao solaire
calao solaire (test)
  • solar cells :
    iSun (ICP Global Technologies, 290 mA @ 7.6 V.
  • USB converter :
    made in China USB-CLA ; input 12-24 V dc / output 5.5 V dc, 700 mA.
  • computer :
    Calao Systems USB-A9260, CPU ARM Atmel AT91SAM9260, système linux UclibC 2.6.20.
  • position :
    48°53’ Nord 2°25 Est
  • date :
    juin 2008, 12h00 - 18h00 TU, very blue sky.

When the computer is pluged to USB-solar cells and at the same time to internet via ethernet port, the system starts to boot , as the green LED on the mother board can say, but break down fater before 2 seconds...

Since I can use this solar system to power my mobile or my PDA - it works - I may be optimistic, the power chain seems not stable enougth, what should I do ?