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5th Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology (Taïwan)


The 5th Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology is organized by Prof. Tzeng Shing-Kwei
from October 18th to 22th, at Taipei.

WOCMAT 2009 - Frédéric Voisin’s workshop and lectures

Workshop : Computer Aided Sound and Music Analysis

Based on his experience in ethnomusicology and computer music productions, Frédéric Voisin is presenting and developing concepts, methods and tools to represent, analyze and synthesize sound and music into different software environments (OSX, Unix, MS-Windows) :

- presentation of different ressources (free and non-free) in computer sound and music analysis (OpenMusic, PWGL, Audiosculpt, MaxMSP, Puredata, Praat, Melodyne, …) ;
- pragmatical introduction to the computer human interfaces and languages ;
- computer transcription of sound and music ;
- classification of sound and music features ;
- semi-automatic transcription of music ;
- sound/music representation and digital formats ;
- analysis vs. resynthesis ;

Lecture : Computer Aided Musical Analysis : A « Morphological » Approach to Music Analysis

Oct. 19th, 2009 - NTU, 9h-10h
Based on his own experiences in ethnomusicology, Frédéric Voisin develops new principles for musical analysis based on classification and detection of pattern. These principles are developed in Lisp using OpenMusic (Ircam) and PWGL (Sibelius Academy) softwares... and are used by numerous composers. This lecture will present these principles and some applications in music analysis.

Lecture : Introduction to Experimental Ethnomusicology

From 1989 to 1995, using synthesizers and computers with traditional musicians, Frédéric Voisin and Simha Arom have developed new interactive tools for the study of music in Central Africa and Indonesia.
This conference presents, with original videos, some musicological principles of such an experimental study of musical knowledges and performances from the African rainforest to the Javanese temples.

Lecture : Applications of Artificial Neural Networks in Music Production

Frédéric Voisin presents his last experimentations for producing live music using artificial neural networks, with musical exemples and videos of his last performances : “Caresses de Marquises” (2004), “Symphonies des Machines” (2006), “Amplification-Synaptique” (2008), “Music for Last Manoeuvres in the Dark” (2008)...

WOCMAT 2009 : programme

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